What Behaviour Events Can Flowpoint Capture?

What Behaviour Events Can Flowpoint Capture?

Each time a user visits your website, a user session is recorded, starting from when they first load the page and lasting for up to 4h after they leave your website.

Understanding events

We currently cover the following user events, each of which provides valuable insights into your users' experiences:

  • session_start: triggered when the user first loads the page
  • mouse_click: triggered at each mouse click on any element on the screen, and also gathers information about the element that was clicked for further analysis
  • page_scroll: triggered when the user finishes scrolling on a page, and captures information about the start point, end point, and duration of the scroll
  • session_end: triggered when the user closes the tab
  • session_resumed: triggered if a user restarts the session within 4h of their previous visit