Custom Events
How to Track Custom User Attributes

How to Track Custom User Attributes

Custom user attributes can be sent through the window.flowpoint.setUserAttributes(<attribute object>) method.

Frontend user events can be correlated with data sent from your backend through the userId "id" parameter.

If you never specify a user id, unique visitors are tracked using a UUID that generates the first time they visit the site.

  id: 'abC123' // your unique user id

You can further track any user metadata, such as the user's email or age.

  mail: '',
  age: 24

Attribute object

The attribute object is a key-value pair that can contain any custom data you want to keep track of:

idString (optional)The user's unique ID; if not specified, it will be randomly generated once the first time they visit the site
mailString (optional)The user's mail adress, you can further view it in the sessions tab
any property keyString, number or object (optional)Any other user property you want to track or analyse