Custom Events
Custom Events Integration

How to Install Advanced Tracking Events

Flowpoint can be used to track user custom attributes and events from frontend and backend projects.

Frontend HTML installation

Sending custom events requires an additional HTML script tag to be added alongisde your Flowpoint script. Paste the HTML script tag snippet within the <head> tag of your page.

This script can be added in the same way you installed your Flowpoint script: (opens in a new tab)

    window.fpDataLayer = window.fpDataLayer || [];
    flowpoint = {
      disable: () => window.flowpointDisabled = true,
      enable: () => window.flowpointDisabled = false,
    'track setUserAttributes'.split(' ').forEach(m => flowpoint[m] = (e, d) => window.fpDataLayer.push({ method: m, data: [e, d] }))