AI Insights
How AI-Generated Insights Work

How AI-Generated Insights Work

Our main mission is to help you generate more revenue.

How it Works

Flowpoint is an analytics tool that analyzes your users' behavior and technical issues on your website.

We use machine learning to generate a funnel analysis and extract insights to improve your website's conversion rates.

Our tool is designed to provide actionable insights that are tailored to your business and industry, and our AI periodically identifies the reasons behind your website's most impactful issues. As we study your users, your business, and your industry, we continuously learn and improve our automated insights.

The quality of our insights improves with the number of sessions analyzed, as it provides us with more data to learn about your website.

The recommendations we offer are:

  • Tehnical
  • UI/UX
  • Content

Insights automated improvement

Flowpoint's AI is continously capturing data and the quality of the output improves over time the more data is being captured about your users. It is usually recommended to run at least 90 days in order for Flowpoint to generate the highest quality insights.

Over the course of the 90 days, we usually recommend A/B testing the recommendations in order to help Flowpoint's machine learning algorithms to learn what works and what doesn't properly.

This is called a learning phase. During this phase, Flowpoint will analyse how your flows are performing and will feed back the algorithm with new data that will be used to further improve the recommendations.