Welcome to Flowpoint! This is a technical integration guideline for our JS snippet, which must be loaded into a website for collecting user actions.

What is Flowpoint?

Flowpoint is a website analytics tool for analysing user sessions, detecting user flows. We detect technical, UX and behaviour issues and we highlight their impact and frequency to your conversion rates.

Website loading speed

Flowpoint has an initial load of 46KB on average, compared to other similar tools like Hotjar (72KB) and Google Analytics (22KB).

Once the website is fully loaded, Flowpoint starts collecting data in the background and sends lightweight data (about 250 bytes per user event) after the user takes actions like scrolling, clicking, or navigating the page. This approach is designed to minimize the impact on the website's loading speed.

To put it in perspective, the amount of data sent per user event is equivalent to a small website logo image (200KB) for every 800 user clicks. This means that even for high-traffic websites with a lot of user engagement, Flowpoint's data transfer size is unlikely to have a significant impact on website performance.

Overall, Flowpoint's approach to data collection and transfer is designed to prioritize website performance, which is a positive aspect of the tool.