Getting Started
Activating Your Flowpoint Account

Activating Your Flowpoint Account

Congratulations on successfully integrating the Flowpoint script into your website! Your Flowpoint account will automatically activate once the first user session has been recorded.

Accelerate the Activation Process

To expedite the activation process, you can create your first Flowpoint session manually. Here's how:

  1. Visit Your Website: Simply go to your website as a regular user would.

  2. Navigate Through Pages: Move around and interact with different pages on your website.

By following these steps, you'll trigger the recording of your first user session in Flowpoint.

Viewing Recorded Data

Once the first session has been recorded, navigate back to the Flowpoint dashboard. Upon refreshing the dashboard, you'll be able to view the recorded data and gain valuable insights into your users' interactions.


Double-check that the script is correctly copied and pasted onto your website.

Incorrect integration might prevent Flowpoint from functioning correctly and hinder the recording of user sessions.

Enjoy harnessing the power of Flowpoint's data-driven insights to optimize your website and boost your conversion rates!