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When do I Receive the Automated Insights

When do I Receive the Automated Insights

Analysing your website to receive insights happen on a daily basis or immediately after you update a particular flow that you track. Flowpoint AI requires at least 1000 total sessions to start processing technical, UI/UX and content insights.

Insights are of three types:

  1. Technical insights: Flowpoint is constantly monitoring your website and observes each technical error that appears in your website. If this error is affecting your conversion rates, we will prioritise it for you and we will let you know how impactful it is.

  2. UX / UI insights: Flowpoint is analysing how your users are behaving at each step during their user journey. If we spot that particular UI elements are preventing them from moving forward in the funnel, we will highlight them to you and give you actionable suggestions that you can easily implement.

  3. Content Insights: Flowpoint is analysing your website copy and identifies if it requires improvements based on how your users interact with it.

  4. More will be added soon: We are constantly working on more detections that will bring more insights.