Custom Events
Custom Events

How to Track Custom Events

Any custom event can serve as a custom flow point for funnel analysis. Even if these custom events are not configured as flow points, they can still be visualized in your funnels!

To track a custom event, use the following code:

window.flowpoint.track('<event name>', {
  <optional event metadata>

The event metadata object is a an optional key-value pair that can contain any custom data you want to keep track of.

Tracking custom user actions:

window.flowpoint.track("Subscribe to newsletter")
window.flowpoint.track("Add coupon", { "couponId": "qidN8p0AI3" })
window.flowpoint.track("View product", { "price": 177, "productId": "V3GNNMPkB0", "currency": "GBP" })

Testing the integration

After integrating, you can see users' attributes in your sessions tab from your dashboard:

User custom events